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 Now I’ll show you with proof that how you can earn $2,500,000 in ONLY 5 years by working for ONLY 15 minutes a day at home as the boss of your own business and by starting with a very small capital.

I spent my years making money for others in a company where my real value was not understood. So what was the result? My most precious asset, my time was gone. There were many things I wanted to do. I had dreams. So I drew the line and said so far. From now on I would work for myself. 

I had to do such a job that I could make money from anywhere in the world with only a laptop and an internet connection. I shouldn’t have spent my life in an office. I had to earn money even while traveling and sleeping. Most importantly, I should have been able to earn a lot of money with a very little capital.

The solution came from somewhere I never expected. I have met the financial markets that I had previously regarded as gambling. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I saw that if I do it with the right strategies, with the right risk management, Trading is not a gamble at all. Gambling is something entirely up to chance, with you never knowing what the outcome will be. Trading is only gambling if you do it without controlling your risk, without a strategy, and relying on luck or tips. Otherwise, something that you can analyze what the outcome will be is not gambling.

People will say that you can’t make money with trading or making money out of money is just a dream. Despite those who say don’t waste your money, I worked and learned. Yes, the markets can be beaten and yes you can really earn big money with trading. Do you want proof? Here it is.

Here you can see the results of my trading in real money for 9 months between May 15, 2020 and February 15, 2021. I will upload my new trading results in a few months. I am trading for about 6 to 9 months and then uploading all my trading results in one go.

This is one of my accounts in which I made $20,000 profit in 9 months by risking ONLY $1000 in my trades. I did not find it appropriate to show all of my capital, so I opened this account. I entered exactly the same trades with my other account. Only account sizes are different. 

Sometimes I made $3000, $5000 or even $8000 in a single trade, by risking only $1000 in my trades. For example, I made $8000 in just 2 weeks here. 8 times of my risk. And here I made $4000 in just 1 week. 4 times of my risk.

I have put $23,000 in this trading account. However, I only risked $10,000 of this money. Since this is a leveraged margin account, it would have been if I actually put only $10.000 here.

So we can say that I made $20,000 profit from my $10,000 risked capital in just 9 months of trading by ONLY working 15 minutes a day. This makes 200% Return On Risked Capital.

Without relying on luck. Without waiting for investment advice from anyone. Even without following a single financial news release, analysis report or expert opinion. With my stress-free, plain and simple trading strategies. By working only 15 minutes a day.

You can also watch the videos of all of these profitable trades that you see on my account statement here. I have recorded the video of it while entering a trade. I also showed the date and time in my videos. So everything is proven. Everything is transparent.

I had also notified all these trading signals to my website members in that day’s market analysis video. Making my members earn money makes me happy.

Best of all, I don’t need a large capital to do this. Trading is perhaps one of the rare businesses in the world where you can earn a lot of money with a very little capital.

With a capital of only $10,000, you can grow your investment to $2,500,000 in just 5 years, with a 200% annual return like I do. By only working 15 minutes a day. Here you can calculate it from the tool.

Being a millionaire is in your hands. You can do it if I did it. You don’t need $10,000 at first. You can use my trading strategies even with a $100 account. Even if you don’t have that much money, you start with smaller accounts and add to your capital as you save money. If you are making money even with small amounts, you can attract the attention of investors to support you.

Don’t believe to those who say trading is very stressful, you have to give all your time, you have to be on the screens all the day. I only spend 15 minutes a day for Trading. My strategies are so simple and straightforward that I enter the market if there is an opportunity, otherwise I turn off my computer and do nothing until the next day. During that time I do what I want. I have no boss. No one orders me. If I want to work that day, I work, if I want to travel, I travel. I’m so stress-free and relaxed that I can live anywhere in the world I want, and all I need to earn money is a Laptop.

Start now and make an investment for yourself. I did it, you can do it too. Being a millionaire is not a dream. Here is your opportunity. What are you waiting for?

The best investment is education. That’s why I started Daily Forex Price Action. First you must take an education from a Trading Mentor who knows this job.

Can you perform a heart surgery without studying Medical School? Can you fly a plane without studying Pilot School? Why should trading be any different? If you get the right education, you will avoid making costly mistakes in the markets. Remember, your money is valuable and hard earned. Now if you lose all your ammo, you will waste a long time trying to find ammo again.

On my website I present to aspiring traders all of my experiences I have gained in the markets over the years as a Trading Course. Why should you pay thousands of dollars for an education? Education must be at an affordable price.

In my course I teach you all the strategies that I use to make money. I also publish a market analysis video for my members every weekday. I analyze 42 different markets that you see here. Including Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and Litecoin.

And I notify if there are any trading opportunities in the markets. As you can see here, I had notified my members all these trade signals from which I made money. You can trade with me every day as if you were looking at my screen from the back of my head. I can be with you during your learning process. If you have a question you can ask me from contact line here.

You can use the strategies that you learned in my course to trade Forex, to trade Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin or to trade stocks. I’m trading Forex and stock indices mainly. However, my strategies can be used in all financial markets. Because I use Price Action which is the simplest and purest language of the market. For more detailed information about Price Action, you can read my articles here.

You don’t necessarily have to get education from me. However, when choosing a trading mentor, you should be absolutely sure that a trading mentor MUST be able to make money in the markets. Not virtual money with a DEMO ACCOUNT. He must be making REAL money in a LIVE ACCOUNT.

He or She should also be able to show you a trading account history of at least 9 months, not 1 or 2 months. He should be open and transparent. How do you know what he’s teaching will work if he’s not making money for himself, not actively trading the markets? I myself am actively trading with the strategies I am teaching to you. Here are my trading videos.

Everyone should be able to reach Trading Education. That’s why I started this website. Trading is a continuous learning process. You need a mentor that you can ask questions and who will be with you during this process.

If you want to start learning, click JOIN NOW.

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Remember, it is up to you to make your dreams come true


I am Hakan ÇAKIR. I am a Professional Trader and a Trading Mentor. I have been investing in financial markets for many years and still making money by trading.

I set up this website for anyone who wants to learn how to make money consistently in the markets, or who has been trading for a while and has not been successful yet, or who is already making money in the markets and wants to add a different vision to their investments by learning my strategies.

My goal is to teach you my trading strategies and at the same time support you in your learning process with my market analysis and trading ideas videos that I publish for my members everyday.

In this way, you will see how I find trading ideas in the markets every day in real time market conditions.

Also in my Real Money Trading Videos, you will see how I trade the trading ideas I share with my members and you will learn how to apply my trading strategies under real market conditions simply and effectively.


It is very important that a trading mentor should also be trading with his own money and making profit by using the same strategies he teaches in his course. He should be able to provide you with real money trading results for a certain period of time, that is Live Account results not a Demo Account. There is no point in making money in a few trades and then loosing all the money back.

The important thing is that your mentor should be able to provide you with at least 6 – 9 months of profitable real money trading history. And he should be able to do this with uncomplicated, simple and effective trading strategies that he can easily teach you too.

I am a mentor who meets these criteria. I openly and transparently share my personal Live Trading “Account Statament” taken from MetaTrader 4 Platform on my website, along with its proof video.

In addition to these, by using the same strategies I teach in my course, with my own money I am trading the buying & selling trade ideas I point out in my everyday market analysis videos. And each time I am entering a Trade I record its video by showing that moment’s time and date from a 3rd party website to prove that I am really trading at that time.

These live trading videos are verifying the accuracy and reliability of my Real Money Trading Account Statements which I publish on my website.

These are all solid proof that my strategies are really making money if used correctly. 

Many trading education sites show you demo account results and present it as verified results. However, there is a huge difference between real money trading and demo trading. In demo trading, there is no real money at stake, so emotions do not interfere with your trading. The important thing is that a trading mentor should be able to trade with real money, not virtual money.

If the strategies they taught you worked, they wouldn’t hesitate to provide you with real money trading account statements. Avoid mentors who can’t provide you a track record like this.

I would like to warn you about an important issue too. There are Mentors who make it seem like they have made money by using Trading Simulator Programs. Past market conditions can be easily simulated with these kind of trading simulator softwares.

With these programs, they can simulate their trading activities and make it look as if they were trading and making money at a certain past time. It’s very easy to find out if this person was actually trading or simulating it.

On the MetaTrader platform, there is the name and logo of the broker company in the upper left corner and it writes whether it is a Live or a Demo account. However in a Trading Simulator Program there writes software’s name.

If he doesn’t show this part in his videos, this is probably a Trading Simulator program and he is simply simulating a past time in the markets. Also, if he really was trading and earning money on that time and date, he should have showed that moment’s time and date from a 3rd party website.

Because, as I said, past time can be easily simulated with a trading simulator.

In my Live Trading Videos, when I am entering a trade I simply show that moment’s time and date from a 3rd party website to prove that I am really trading at that time.

Also as I have said, a serious and reliable Trading Mentor should be able to provide you with a profitable trading history of at least 6 – 9 months. And he should be able to do this with uncomplicated, simple and effective trading strategies that he can easily teach you.


There are 3rd party websites that supposedly verify people’s trading track records. Have a good look at the Terms and Conditions of these websites.

They state that all trading performance results presented to you should be considered as hypothetical. They do not guarantee you the reliability of these results in any way and do not guarantee you the accuracy of any performance results on their websites. They clearly state these in their Terms and Conditions parts.

Therefore, I thought that the most accurate and reliable verification would be by recording its video while entering all my trades. Also when I am entering a trade I show that moment’s time and date from a 3rd party website. This way, I verify my trading track record.


Trading is a lonely business. You are the only one to make your buy or sell decisions in the markets. Therefore, it is very important to learn from an experienced mentor who has already gone through these paths, has made all the mistakes that can be made, to whom you can always ask questions, and who is always with you in your learning process.

This mentor can shorten your learning process considerably and save you from many costly mistakes. If you want to learn to make money in the markets, what could be more natural than learning from someone who actually makes money and proves this?


When you search the internet, you will see there are many trading signal services that guarantee like 5 – 10 buy / sell trading opportunities per day. No trading strategy can provide you such a guarantee if it is a real proven, reliable money making trading strategy.

Because, if there were so many opportunities in the markets every day, wouldn’t everyone be a multi-billionaire? If there are plenty of something, then the less reliable it is.

You can’t get rich by simply subscribing a Forex Signal Service or by buying a $1000 trading robot. Or just by creating a trading algortihm and leaving all your trading decisions to it.

Do you think Warren Buffett or George Soros became billionaires by subscribing to a signal service or by buying a $1000 trading robot or by creating an algorithmic trading software and leaving all their investments to its hands? You cannot be rich without effort and hard work.

There is no free meal. If it were, everyone would subscribe to a signal service or buy a trading robot and start printing money the next day from where they are sitting.


This website is not a forex signal service. In addition to pointing out the current trading ideas, I also teach you to trade on your own, independent of me. Because being aware of the opportunities in the markets is one thing, but only knowing opportunities is not enough. You need to learn to take advantage of those opportunities. Here I teach you this.

You don’t need to go and buy a one-to-one coaching for thousands of dollars. Trading is not something that can be mastered with a few sessions of coaching. Trading is a continuous learning process. Also, a trading education doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.


Trading is a marathon. It is not the place to get rich quickly. Yes, maybe you may not be able to earn much if you don’t have a lot of money at first. You may earn less. However it is possible to make money even with a $250 account. You don’t need a $100.000 trading account.

The more money you grow over time, the more you earn. As Einstein said, “Compound return is the most powerful force in the universe”. You cannot believe how fast you can reach big money when you grow your account consistently.

This is very different from investing to popular, risky financial instruments just because it is price is rising and everybody is buying it. You may be lucky once or twice in such investments but not all the time.

It will be enough for one similar risky investment to make you lose all your money, because you can never know when a market will turn back.

Therefore the solution to reach millions is making consistent money in the markets with effective, solid trading strategies like mine, not depending on luck.


You can also attract the attention of many investors who can invest in you with a consistently profitable trading track record. 

Learn to Make Money In Forex, CFD & Cryptocurrencies

The purpose of this website is to teach you to make consistent money in Forex, CFD and Cryptocurrency markets on your own with simple and effective trading strategies, without depending on any Investment Guru’s opinions or on any Financial Analysis Report. You do not need any insider data or no need to know how a financial data release is going to come out to trade successfully with my trading strategies.


The most valuable assets of people are their time and freedom. Who wants to spend their years trying to make money for others in a company whose true value is not recognized? Time is running fast. Who wants to miss life by being stuck in an office from 8 am to 6 pm? Trading with my strategies gives you time and freedom.

You need maximum half an hour a day to trade with my strategies. I am trading about half an hour per day. The rest of the day remains to me. I can spend this time with my family, with my friends and do whatever I want.

Also, my trading strategies are great for stress-free trading. Isn’t that why you came to learn trading? For time, freedom, stress-free life. Making money from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.