Hakan ÇAKIR is a Professional Trader and a Trading Mentor living in Istanbul City of Turkey. He is actively trading in Financial Markets, making money and sharing his knowledge, experience and wisdom through this website with all aspiring traders who look for mentoring in trading.

He graduated from Middle East Technical University as High Honor Student with B.Sc. Mathematics and then got his MBA degree from Bosphorus University. These are top two universities of Turkey.

Despite his education degrees he’s proving to everyone that there’s no need to be a Finance guru or Mathematics genius to make a lot of money in the markets. In his website www.dailyforexpriceaction.com he’s teaching that all your needs are solid trading strategies, correct trading mindset and a money management method.

All these are taught in his Professional Price Action Trading Course and supported by his everyday Market Analysis & Trade Ideas video commentaries special to website members.

His goal is to deliver his teachings to all traders around the world who need help in their trading journey. Because he knows trading is a lonely business and mentoring is very important.